With a stand-alone people counter, you walk to the counter at the door to read the on-board display. You write down the number and reset the display.

These are infrared beam-break people counters.  The infrared transmitter side sends a safe and invisible infrared beam to the reflector on the other side.  When someone, or something, passes through this invisible beam, they "break" the beam and are counted.  These people counters are known as "non-directional" people counters because they do not separate the IN and OUT counts.   So if someone walks in, then walks out, they will be counted twice....and you will need to divide the number on the display by 2 to arrive at a visitor count.

The physics of a beam break people counter means that if two people walk through side-by-side, they will be counted as one.  And if a group of people walk through at the same time, it is unlikely that all of them will be counted.   ALL infrared beam-break and ALL infrared-reflected people counters work in the same way.  On a single door entrance (typically 36" wide), most people enter one at a time, so the counting accuracy is typical very high (93 to 95%).  But on a double-door entrance - this typical accuracy can drop to 80 to 85%.
IR Reflective
People Counter
AC Powered
With Optional Chime
Only $329 plus shipping.  Infrared Reflective People Counters have a proven track record of being simple to install, simple to use, reliable and cost effective. Click HERE for more information on the AccuraCounter.
StandAlone People Counters
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IR Reflective
People Counter
AC Powered
Hour/Day/Month Counts
Starting at $599 plus shipping.  Walk to the display to read 12 months of Hourly, Daily and Monthly counts.  A Directional IN/OUT CountRecorder is also available.   Options are available for wired and wifi connectivity to your PC network.   Click HERE for more information on the Basic CountRecorder.
IR Transmission
People Counter
Battery Operated
Optional PC Connectivity
Starting at $349 plus shipping. When ac-power is not available, select the battery-operated TotalCounter.   Simple to install, simple to use, with the option to wirelessly send counts back to your PC. Click HERE for more information on the TotalCounter.
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